Bringing clean water to Africa

One Drop at a time

  1. Bullet 80% of all disease is caused by water-borne parasites or contamination.

  2. Bullet Lack of clean water causes the deaths of over 2 million people a year.

  3. Bullet Water-borne diseases affects over half of all Africans.

  4. Bullet More than 30,000 Uganda children die every year from Water-borne illnesses.

  5. BulletUganda children spend several hours a daily collecting water from non-potable sources such as swamp water and contaminated rivers.  This prevents these children the opportunity to attend school.


Why Africa?

WISH believes that all people have the right to the basics of human survival; clean water, food and medical care.  Regardless of age, race, religion or orientation, all people deserve to live with dignity.  We strive to bring access of these essentials all in a sustainable manner.

It just takes one drop to make a difference.


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